Big Fish - ValueChartsEvery trader dreams of finding that one big trade, the one that will make them richer on a scale that is noticeable. Big Fish, a new trading report, strives to point out as many of these big trades as possible. The goal is to double up your risk amount within two to four days. This is a lofty goal; some might even say it is impossible, at least not without a ton of risk. But the product’s site claims that their methods actually dial back on the amount of risk that you will assume–thus increasing your potential earnings while lowering your chances of a loss. It sounds too good to be true. Is it?

It doesn’t seem to be. The strategy that this entails is actually quite strong. It relies upon strong and proven stocks, like Apple and Google, and then capitalizes off of them when they are moving the most. Furthermore, the plan places most of its importance around the busiest times of the day: the first hour after the opening bell, and right around lunchtime. This is when stocks have historically moved the fastest, and by placing your energy (and money) here, you can get your cash to grow at a faster rate, simply because you’re not keeping your money in the markets when they are not moving fast.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. Timing is very important, and so is the timeframes you trade within. This strategy really focuses on timing things as precisely as possible in order to conserve both time and money. Anyone can make money in the internet, but it is a lot more difficult to compact your earnings into a small segment of time. Instead of focusing on long term growth, the Big Fish attempts to make as much money as quickly as possible.

There are many strategies and trading programs out there that attempt to do just this, though, and most of them fail miserably. What makes this product different is that the system was designed by a former stockbroker for Merrill Lynch–Dave Aquino. He has over 20 years of professional trading experience, much of it at the institutional level, and has been able to closely observe how stocks act, and how to make money off them in the most efficient way possible. The Big Fish Report does not look at the highly volatile penny stocks like many other short term strategies do, but upon the major reliable stocks. The only difference is that this method looks at the most stable stocks when they are moving at their fastest, and not when things are stagnant. This way, your money works for you faster with an added layer of security.

These are all things that you could learn on your own, but they would take a couple decades, plus tens of thousands of dollars to invest in technology and software. Rather than wasting your time and resources on these, the Big Fish Report has done all of this groundwork for you, allowing you to focus on just executing trades and increasing your cash. It’s actually quite simple, and the techniques that you learn through this report can be applied throughout the market once you are confident in the method and proficient in using it. In other words, using this advanced method doesn’t need to involve just blindly following what someone else is doing in the stockmarket, but it can teach you how to be a better trader on your own, by following and learning from a team of master traders. Building wealth is something that everyone would like to do, but not many do because they don’t know the correct way to do so. This Big Fish method gets you headed in that direction.