BinaDroid is a new trading robot created by a professional trader. It was designed for usage within a large British trading firm, but after the creator left the company, he wanted to share that technology with the general public, giving individuals access to the same concepts that help large banks and funds make consistent money month after month. This is a huge step forward for small traders as it gives them the same kind of tools that the biggest and best in the world spend millions to get.

What it Does

BinaDroid claims to have a success rate of 88 percent, which is a very high rate of return when it comes to binary options trading. To accomplish this, it relies on market inefficiencies, using automated technology to detect them faster than human traders can, creating positions before the majority of traders detect them.

The BinaDroid Review

Big financial institutions make about 95 percent of the profits in the financial markets, leaving individual traders far behind. The goal of BinaDroid, according to one of its designers, is to tap into this potential and help individuals make professional level profits. Without getting too technical, the strategy relies on two different things: trader sentiment and social trading signals. This way, the trades that are determined by BinaDroid not only take into account what the feel of the market is, but it looks at patterns developed by the major traders in the marketplace and combines these two into a winning strategy.

How to Use BinaDroid

BinaDroid can be obtained for free for a limited time through their website. Usage will be limited for the time being, though, so you do need to act quickly if you are interested. All you need to do is supply your name and email address. The founders are currently testing the product in the public market before they rebrand it. Estimates say that the full software package will cost about $2,500 once this occurs, but that is not fully determined yet. Once you sign up, further instructions are sent to your supplied email address.

You will need to create and fund an account through BinaryBook, a respected binary options broker. This is your money, and you are free to withdraw it at any time because of that fact. Trades will be conducted for you automatically afterward, and then you can watch your account grow. The 88 percent success rate per trade might not all occur at once, but the longer you keep your account open, the more likely you are to see substantial profits.

To get a general idea of what an 88 percent rate of success means in terms of profits, think of what it would look like if you made 100 trades of $100 each with a rate of return of 75 percent. That’s a return of $5,400 for every 100 trades. Again, that’s an average and this number is likely to go up and down, but over the course of time, if past results are able to repeat themselves, this is what you are looking at.

Who is BinaDroid for?

BinaDroid is a great tool for traders of all abilities, but it is geared most heavily toward those with smaller accounts. Small accounts typically do not have the same access to large and consistent rates of return because of the fact that variance tends to devastate a lot of these accounts, even if the traders behind them are extremely talented. Instead, by allowing traders to pool resources and use superior technology, the ups and downs of the marketplace are evened out and your account is far more likely to grow as a result of this. Larger traders can also benefit from this if their trading techniques need improvement, but the room for growth is not as noticeable.

BinaDroid will not be free forever, so if you are interested in using this professional grade technology, the sooner you act, the better.