One of the best kept secrets in the world of Forex trading is called ProfitStream. This expert advisor identifies trades for you, and then capitalizes on them automatically. It has been extremely successful for those that have used it, generating millions of dollars in profits for those using this software. Just because a method of trading has worked for others in the past does not necessarily mean that it will work for you, too. However, a good argument can be made that this will be extremely profitable for you, too. Let’s take a look at why this is so that you can decide whether or not ProfitStream is right for you.
Crunch the Numbers

The Forex Market

If you’ve spent any time looking at the Forex market, you know that there is a lot of potential for making a profit. You also know that there is a lot of risk involved. If there was a way to fully realize the profit potential while eliminating a good bulk of the risk involved, making money would be a lot easier and safer.

Research has shown that over 89 percent of Forex traders will lose all of their trading money over a four year period using their own techniques. That means that only 1 out of 10 Forex traders are profitable over the long term. You don’t want to fall into this losing trader profile, and that means that you need to avoid trading like the vast majority of other retail traders.
Develop Your System

Where ProfitStream Helps

The researchers and developers of this program took the profiles of tens of thousands of retail traders to create their algorithms. There are five years of testing that go along with this, and all five years have been profitable. Furthermore, all of those that have used the product have turned in a positive number at the end of their first year. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee future results, but it is a good indication that a normal, small scale trader can be profitable using this method, even if they’ve been unsuccessful with their other strategies in the past.

In other words, this software takes into account what all of those traders just like you have done in the past and failed at. It’s a revolutionary approach to trading, and so far, it has been extremely successful in producing results.

How it works is pretty simple. The robot trades against sentiment, which seems to be counterintuitive. But, ProfitStream is not based solely upon sentiment. Instead of looking at what many do and copying it, it trades against a sentiment subset–those individual traders that go against what the retail traders are doing. In reality, retail traders generate very little volume in the Forex market, and their sentiment is often against what the big institutional traders do. And this is like comparing apples to bowling balls. Both are the same thing at the surface–both take money and try to make it grow in the Forex market. But one is trading a few bucks here and there, and one is doing it on a huge scale. Obviously the one doing it on the bigger scale will have a bigger impact upon prices. Copying one will hurt you, and the other will give you the same action that the big banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies experience.
So Many Account Sizes
ProfitStream takes the actions of the many traders, those that account for just a small portion of the marketplace, and goes against them. Instead, it avoids their losses, and helps you to get closer to what the big banks get in returns. It might be something different from what you are used to doing in the Forex market, but it has been a very powerful tool for many smaller traders.

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