Hedge Track Trader is a new trading tool that claims to be able to help you make 442 percent profits per year. Before you purchase this software, let’s take a look at what it is, whether it can do what it claims to do, and figure out exactly who will benefit the most from using it.

What is Hedge Track Trader?

Hedge Track Trader is a software program that you can link to your account that will make trades for you. It focuses on the Forex market primarily, using professional level tools and concepts to help you more than quadruple your account size each year. The details and the behind the scenes ways in which they gauge markets and execute trades is not entirely clear, but for all purposes, they do have a great track record going for them.

Hedge Track Trader Review
Check Out the Hedge Track Trader Review

You can begin using small amounts in your account with Hedge Track Trader. They recommend $200 or more, but really, it’s up to you and what your needs are. If $10,000 is more helpful to you, then you can do this. If $100,000 is better, then go with that. It is designed so that traders of all sizes and abilities can tap into the software and the algorithms that support it and start making more consistent profits every day. In fact, the creators argue that professional level trading methods should be available to everyone, not just the ultra-rich that hedge funds court. Just because you have a small account doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have access to the best tools out there.

The software itself costs $497. That’s a one-time fee, and they have an unconditional money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. This price is scheduled to go up soon, though, so if you are interested, you need to act quickly.

Is Hedge Track Trader helpful?

The people who designed this software have had their results tracked independently by myfxbook.com, a third party service designed for verifying claims like this. According to them, the software has returned the rates of return that they claim to.

The next big question is: will it help you to achieve those same rates of return? That’s a tougher question. First, you need to know that past results do not equal future results. Markets change and what worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work tomorrow. That’s just how the markets are, whether your trading in the Forex market, binary options, or anywhere else. Still, a record of success proves that a trader knows what they are doing, and it lays a foundation of trust that can indicate future profits. You wouldn’t invest in a fund that had a manager that knew nothing about buying and selling, but if that manager had 20 years of successful experience, you’d be far more likely to trust your money with them, even if you couldn’t tell the future. That’s exactly what these past results are posted for. The people that designed the software know what they’re doing, and although you shouldn’t expect the past to be the same as the future, you have good reason to believe that they will keep growing your money.

Who will benefit from this?
It looks like Hedge Track Trader is geared toward an audience that has trading experience, but has not been successful. These are traders that may have fallen for product scams in the past, or they may have traded on their own but with undesirable results. You may have traded in the Forex market in the past, or maybe you used binary options to trade currencies or any number of other assets. If you’ve done these things, and haven’t been successful with your own resources, using other people’s resources is not cheating. Instead, if you put the research in and find a product that you believe will work for you, you’re doing exactly the right thing to help accomplish your goal of financial independence. Hedge Track Trader appears to be a great tool to have in your arsenal, and they’re something that you should seriously consider.